Why work with ShuBu 

As the founder of ShuBu Creative, my personal purpose in life are my two children. Their nicknames as babies became “Shu Shu” and “Bu Bu” organically. Therefore, the "saying" ShuBu was born. I then learned that ShuBu also originates from the Indian word meaning "my love."


I love creating brands that have purpose and impact and the team at ShuBu has proven experience at some of some pretty well-known companies.


Not only have I worked in the thick of marketing departments and for C-level staff at big corporations, but I've also opened my own small businesses, non-profits and experienced first-hand the struggle with telling the world about 'what you do and what you offer' and how hard it is to tell a story effectively, but also get their attention and more importantly engagement. 


ShuBu Creative is a branding agency -- and helping people create strong brands is my passion. 

When you choose to work with ShuBu Creative you will get impactful results, reflecting your love, purpose and the passion you put towards your work. We combine that with data, trends, motivations, best practices, design and compelling messaging...so whatever you’re branding, it will embody purpose and impact.



With gratitude,

Becca Cooper Leebove
Founder & Strategist

"We love helping our clients bring their brands to life by discovering exactly who they are and what they stand for." - Becca Cooper Leebove

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