"what is most personal to you is most creative."


About ShuBu Creative & our clients

Together, with a dream team of collaborators, ShuBu Creative will bring your ideas to life.

Our life experiences shape us. Martin Scorsese summed it up beautifully when he said,

ShuBu originates from the Indian word meaning "my love." And here at Shubu Creative, we love what we do. We love creating brands that have purpose and impact.

As the founder of ShuBu Creative, my personal purpose in life are my two children. Naturally, their nicknames as babies became “Shu Shu” and “Bu Bu.” Therefore, ShuBu was born. Now, ShuBu Creative is my branding and marketing agency - because life's creations give us purpose. 

When you choose to work with ShuBu Creative you will get impactful results, reflecting your love, purpose and the passion you put towards your work. We combine that with data, trends, motivations, best practices, design and compelling messaging...so whatever you’re branding, it will embody purpose and impact.



With gratitude,

Becca Cooper Leebove
Founder & Strategist

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