• Becca Cooper Leebove

The Creative Process

Having a methodical and research-based process to create a brand and marketing plan is key. At ShuBu Creative, we look at data, internal and external views, competitive research, current marketing and metrics to reveal trends, outliers, gaps and insights.

We take the insights we learn to formulate a company's brand narrative and pillars.

What is brand narrative and what are brand pillars?

It is the DNA and essence of a business. It is used a filter and guide when creating all communications moving forward. Here are some things that come out of it our process:

  • Mission

  • Vision

  • Values

  • Value Proposition

  • Tagline

  • Story/Narrative

  • Headlines

  • Subheads

  • Structure & Processes

  • Customer Journey

  • Reasons to Believe

  • Who we are/Who we are not

  • Tone of Voice

Our process is methodical and step-by-step:

At ShuBu Creative, we help businesses simplify and modernize their brands so they have purpose and impact in a competitive and oversaturated digital and real-life market. Once we develop a clear brand strategy, ShuBu creates and project manages foundational marketing assets from inception to launch, like a website, social media platform, print materials, and PR efforts. We serve mid-sized to large companies in real estate development, higher education, technology, non-profit, professional services and more.

Visit www.ShuBuCreative.com to create a brand that has purpose and impact.


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